Home-Based Business Guide

Statistics show that 69 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs start their business at home.  If you are thinking about starting a home-based business, listed below is information and resources that can help.   Click here to download a copy of the Blue Springs Home-Based Business Guide.
Local Requirements
Home-based businesses are allowed in all residential zoning districts, but the main use of the home must remain residential.  A home business is considered an accessory use and must function in a manner that is not noticeable or offensive to the neighbors.  
  • Business License  — A Business License is required for most business owners in Blue Springs, regardless of business size.  
  • Appearance — There can be no change in the exterior appearance of the residence or other visible evidence of a home occupation.  No business signage is allowed in residential neighborhoods.
  • Business-Related Patrons/Customers — A home-based business may not generate business-related traffic.  Business-related patrons or customers cannot visit home-based businesses for services or to purchase goods.
  • Nuisances — A home occupation should not create noise, dust, heat, smoke, odor, vibration, electrical interference, glare, light, nor radio or television transmission interference that exceeds normal levels associated with a residential area. Producing, dumping or storing combustible, toxic or other hazardous substances on site is prohibited.
  • Storage — Outdoor storage of business-related materials is not permitted.
  • Vehicles — Vehicles over six tons are not allowed to park in residentially zoned districts within the City. Other prohibited vehicles include: flatbed trucks, dump trucks, utility wreckers, boom trucks, bucket trucks, tandem axle trucks, cab and chassis trucks. 
  • Homeowners’ Associations — If you live in a planned residential neighborhood or complex, your business activities may be restricted to your Homeowners’ Association (HOA) Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions rules.  
  • Rental Properties — If you rent your home, your lease may restrict home-based businesses.  Your lease may require you to gain permission or extra insurance to operate a home-based business.
Home-Based Businesses Guide Cover
If you plan on caring for children not related to you in your home, you must obtain a Blue Springs Business License and a Missouri Family Childcare license.   In Blue Springs, there are two categories of residential daycare facilities — Limited and General.

Limited:  a business in a private residence where care is given for no more than four individuals at a time, excluding people related to or permanently residing with the care giver. 

General:  a business in a private residence where care is given for 5-10 individuals at a time, excluding people related to or permanently residing with the care giver.   This category is subject to residential restrictions and will require additional permitting.   Call Business Services at (816) 228-0131 for more detailed information.  

Be a Good Neighbor
By following the rules and regulations for operating a home-based business in your zoning district, you will remain a good neighbor and reduce your chances of creating a nuisance situation for your neighborhood. Because noise and traffic are the two primary concerns for anyone living in a residential area, pay attention to the number of deliveries to and from your home; be cognizant of any on-street parking deficit caused by your business; and keep noise and other nuisances to an absolute minimum. 

We encourage you to reach out to your neighbors to let them know how they can contact you if there is any disturbance being caused by your business.  This often goes a long way toward good neighbor relations and keeping the peace. With proper research, compliance with zoning code requirements, and consideration for your neighbors, operating a home-based business will not only be a profitable endeavor, but a lawful one, too. 

A good rule of thumb:  If your customers must come to your home, that business is most likely prohibited in a residential area.