Basic Plumbing

Wastewater 101
Wastewater flows from your home or business through small lines on your property to the larger, public lines, called mains. From there the sewage travels by gravity to a wastewater treatment facility. The stream is constant, with peaks in the morning and evening. Each day millions of gallons of wastewater are delivered to either the Sni-a-bar Waste Water Treatment Plant (owned and operated by the City of Blue Springs) located northeast of Grain Valley, Missouri, or the Little Blue Valley Sewer District treatment plant located near the Missouri River.

Sewer Line Blockage
Unfortunately, a blockage in the sewer line can interfere with this normally quiet, out-of-sight process. A blockage in the sewer line can cause a back-up through floor drains and toilets at the lower points in your home or business. The overflow will continue until the blockage is removed or until sewage is no longer entering the line.

Additional Information
The City of Blue Springs Sewer Maintenance Department combines educational efforts with regular maintenance and investigative practices to prevent blockages. Customer information in the bills, and public presentations, help our customers understand what can safely be disposed of down the drain. The Capital Improvement Plan identifies problem areas, schedules immediate and long-range repairs, and manages rehabilitation programs on all the City of Blue Springs sewer lines.