Community Develop. Block Grant Advisory Committee


The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Advisory Committee is responsible for assessing projects presented for annual funding consideration, recommends polices, goals, and objectives of the CDBG program, after consultation with the Mayor, to be approved by the City Council, evaluates performance of the funded activities and, at the discretion of the Committee, makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding future activities, recommends to the Mayor and City Council a budget for funding based upon City policies, goals, objectives, financial needs and commitments and community needs assessments, conducts program reviews, solicit, and receive written comments from the public, and conducts public hearings.

Established by Municipal Code Section 120.900


Meetings of the CDBG Advisory Committee are held on an as-needed basis, typically held on weekday evenings approximately four to six times per year.


The CDBG Advisory Committee is comprised of seven members consisting of three City Councilmembers (one from each district), one member of the Planning Commission, one member of the Downtown Review Board, one member of Downtown Alive!, and one member of the Park Commission who all serve one-year terms and are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Members must have knowledge of and interest in redevelopment with low- and moderate-income areas, downtown capital improvements, housing, and homeless and disability needs.

Staff Liaisons

Community Development Department 

Mike Mallon


Public Works Department

Chris Sandie


Parks Department

Dennis Dovel        

Recording Secretary

Shana Kelly
Associate Planner
Board Members
Representing Agency
Appointed Term Expires
Cindy Miller - Chair Blue Springs Downtown Alive! 2021 2022
Lynn Banks - Vice Chair Planning Commission  2021 2022
Jaime Russell Downtown Review Board 2021 2022
Galen Ericson - Councilmember Council District #1 2021 2022
Kent Edmondson - Councilmember Council District #2 2021 2022
Ken Horrell Park Commission 2021 2022
Ron Fowler - Councilmember  Council District #3 2021 2022
Cindy Miller Blue Springs Downtown Alive! 2021 2022
Lynn Banks Planning Commission 2021 2022