Sewer Backup

If a sanitary sewer back-up occurs in your home or on your property, you should follow these guidelines to handle the emergency.

1. Contact the City
Contact the City of Blue Springs Public Utilities Division
  • Monday through Friday - Call 816-228-0195 between 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • After business hours - Call the police non-emergency number at 816-228-0150
A crew will respond to address the situation. If water does not recede after city crews clean the city sanitary sewer line, you should contact a professional plumber to have your home's service line cleared.

2. Immediate Cleanup Procedures
  • Use caution when conducting the clean-up
    • Use rubber gloves and rubber boots
    • You are dealing with sewage, and serious health complications are possible
  • Use caution when using any electrical appliance in a wet environment
    • Do not attempt to shut off electricity if the breaker box is wet or near any water
  • Remove standing water
  • Air out the room
    • Drying wet areas is helped by encouraging air circulation by opening windows and using fans
  • Clean carpets
    • Rug damage can be minimized through carpet cleaning firms or rented cleaning equipment
Please note: Insurance liability restrictions prevent city crews from assisting in the clean-up of private residences and furnishings.

3. Insurance Claims
In most cases, the city's insurance will not reimburse homeowners for damages. There must be evidence that the City of Blue Springs has been negligent for an insurance claim to be honored. Records should be kept for homeowner insurance claims. Good records include photographs, videotapes, receipts, and itemized descriptions of damages.

If you do choose to register a claim with the city, it may be filed with the Human Resources Department at 816-228-0190.

4. Preventing Future Back-Ups
Sewer blockages generally occur as a result of improper items entering the sewer line. Sanitary sewers are designed to handle human waste. They were not designed to handle anything else, and the city is not responsible for foreign items entering the system.