MyZone at the Fieldhouse

What is MyZone?

MyZone is an innovative heart rate technology system that rewards your hard work with MEPS (MyZone Effort Points).  Heart rate zones are individualized to ensure that you’re working at the correct level.

How do I earn MEPS?

Users earn 1-4 MEPS per minute by spending time in each of five heart rate zones.  The harder you work, the more you earn!

How will MyZone be used at the Fieldhouse?

The Fieldhouse has installed three MyZone systems:  In the fitness center, on the turf, and in the spin studio.  Some instructors will incorporate use of the system in their classes, and the one in the fitness center will be active whenever the Fieldhouse is open.  Use of the MyZone system will also be incorporated into fitness programs and mini-contests held throughout the week.

Does it work outside the Fieldhouse?

Yes!  If you use your belt outside the Fieldhouse, it will still record your activity and MEPS.  Download the MyZone app for iPhone or Android for a real-time stream of your heart rate data.

Do I have to buy the belt?  How much is it?

The best way to track your MEPS is by purchasing your own belt.  This ensures that the heart rate zones are calibrated to your personal settings, and keeps track of your MEPS over time.  The belts are $80, and can be purchased at the front desk of the Fieldhouse.  We do have a limited number of demo belts to be loaned out to members--however, your points are lost when the belt is returned.