City Hall Renovation Project

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City Hall was originally constructed in 1961 and remodeled in 1989. Over the years the products, services, processes, business needs along with the manner in which we engage our customer/residents have changed significantly.  

Recent changes in City Hall operations include: closing of the Missouri License Bureau, establishment of the Business Services Division, relocation of the Parks Department to the Fieldhouse, re-incorporation of the Economic Development Corporation, and the discontinuation of Jackson County Tax Property Collection Services.  These changes have provided us with the opportunity to reuse the existing space without constructing a new facility or significantly increasing the size of the building within a reasonable construction budget.

An important feature of the City Hall Renovation Project will bringing the facility into compliance with code requirements, including the Americans with Disability Act and providing a customer-focused design that better serves residents and employees.

Work on the City Hall Renovation Project is scheduled to begin in April 2018.  During the renovation, staff will be temporarily relocated to existing City facilities beginning in January 2018. This allows the City to maintain the safety of employees and customers, reduce the overall cost of the project, and accelerate the construction process.

The City Hall Campus renovation project was identified in the 2016-17 to 2020-21 Capital Improvement Program (CIP). This program outlines the City’s “Priority and Strategic Areas” for long-term maintenance, equipment replacement, and capital investment based upon available resources and priorities, goals, and objectives of the City Council. Unlike the City’s operating budget, the CIP uses one-time funding for capital improvement projects rather than funding day-to-day operations and general maintenance.