Jennifer Tackett

Jenn Tackett

Why did you choose a career in the fitness field?

I choose a fitness career because I have always been active and enjoy helping others.

What is your personal philosophy on fitness?

My personal philosophy on fitness is to make it fun and move every day.

What is your favorite part of working as a personal trainer?

My favorite part of working as a personal trainer is helping people create a fitness habit and show them different ways to stay motivated.

What are your specialties or areas of interest?

My specialties are working with active older adults, cancer survivors and people new to fitness.

Fun Facts

We asked our trainers...
  • Hometown:  Blue Springs, MO
  • Favorite workout:  Cycling and interval training
  • Cat or dog person?  Dog person
  • Favorite book or movie:  None.  I don't sit long enough to watch movies.
  • Other hobbies:  I love spending time with my children.
  • Fun fact about me:  I like to watch MMA with my husband.
  • Favorite quote