Stephen Provance

Fun Facts

We asked our trainers...

  • Hometown: Oak Grove, MO
  • Favorite workout: Deadlifts and strength / cardio intervals
  • Favorite food: All of it!
  • Cat or dog person? 100% Dog
  • Favorite book: Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins
  • Other hobbies: Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, collecting comic books and antiquing
  • Fun fact about me: I am a two-time Hall of Famer in high school wrestling and college football.  
  • Favorite quote or motto: “Move with a purpose”

Why did you choose a career in the fitness field? 

I love working out and helping others! My love for fitness and helping others started with athletics, always pushing teammates as well as myself to “be better than yesterday.” Now that the days of organized and collegiate athletics are behind me, this is another way for me to continue to help others, impacting lives for the better while staying fit myself.

What is your personal philosophy on fitness? 

JUST… MOVE… and then move some more. Health IS the greatest wealth. At the end of the day, it is truly the only thing that WE have full control over. Find a way to move even if its only for 20-30min. at a time, before bed, a little earlier in the morning, during lunch… whenever. Once you have that figured out, find a way to move more.

What is your favorite part of working as a personal trainer? 

I do love meeting and working with people of all fitness levels, but my absolute favorite part is seeing those members achieve the personal fitness goals. The excitement that someone gets from hitting a PR, weight goal or even improving their labs and biometrics is awesome.  

What are your specialties or areas of interest? 

I specialize in mobility, strength and sport specific training as well as special populations. My interests? Changing lives for the better in any way I can.