Residential Driveway Standards

UDC Section 407.020.D.2.b: Driveways shall not exceed 50% coverage within the front yard of or the street-facing side yard in which the driveway is located. Driveways shall not exceed a width of 35’ within the right-of-way and 50% coverage, whichever is less. All widths refer to the total of driveways on the lot, not each individual driveway. Corner lots are allowed up to a maximum of 45’ of driveway width within the right-of-way provided all other requirements are met.


The applicant must apply for and be issued a building permit before any new construction or expansion of a driveway begins. A plot plan must be submitted and approved to show the location, width, and length of the driveway. Driveways must be paved with concrete, asphalt, or brick pavers. 

Please contact the Community Development Department at 816-228-0207 for any questions regarding residential driveway standards and permitting requirements.

New Standards for residential driveways 10.12.21