Residential Utility Service Application

Residential Utility Service Application 

Complete the Blue Springs NEW Customer Utility Service Application (PDF) and e-mail it to

  • All applicants require 24-hour advance notice.
  • Applications received on weekends, holidays, or after 5:00 p.m. will be processed as received the following business day.
  • Customers who require same-day service will be charged an additional $40.00 fee on the opening bill.
  • Or call the Blue Springs Water Utility Billing Department at 816-622-4444, if you need assistance via phone.


To transfer services from one City of Blue Springs account location to another, or to request an end to services at your location and a FINAL bill, please call the Blue Springs Water Billing Department at (816) 622-4444. Forwarding information will be needed for the final bill and remaining deposit. (if a deposit is held)


  • Applicants who are renting the property served will be billed a $100.00 security deposit on the first bill
  • Deposits will be refunded after 12 consecutive months of on-time payments or on the final billing, if the 12 payments were not satisfied when the account closes
  • Customers transferring from one location to another, prior to the deposit being earned back, will have the deposit transferred to the new location
  • Security deposits are not required for homeowners unless the account becomes delinquent.