Records Unit


The Records Unit collects, processes, and disseminates all police reports of crime, accidents, arrests, and services. The unit is also responsible for categorizing and filing reports. Reports are distributed to:

  • Affected agencies
  • Citizens
  • Insurance companies
The Records Unit is also responsible for issuing Employee Liquor Permit (Liquor ID Cards.) 

Employee Liquor Permit (Liquor ID Card)

  1. To renew or obtain an employee liquor permit in the City of Blue Springs, applicants must complete the State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training (SMART) program with a score of 100%.  SMART is an interactive, web-based course that is available 24/7 and is free of charge to people who own or work for any Missouri establishment licensed to sell alcohol.  First time users must create an account and receive their password before completing the course.
  2. Complete and print a Blue Springs Employee Liquor Permit Application.  You will need to bring it with you when you come in to have your photo taken.
  3. Before a permit can be issued, an applicant must pass a background check for felony convictions.  Once you have the certificate printed and the application filled out and signed, e-mail the application, certificate and copy of drivers license to:
  4. The Records Unit will call you on the number listed on your application to schedule an appointment, to have your picture taken. Liquor license applications are processed each day from 9:00am - 4:00pm
  5. The fee is $20.00 and will be good for 2 years from the date of your test. 

Helpful Numbers:

  • Blue Springs Records Unit: (816) 228-0160
  • Blue Springs Business Services: (816) 228-0131
  • Missouri Department of Public Safety, Alcohol & Tobacco Control: (573) 526-2769