Reading Your Water Meter

How to Read Neptune Residential Meters
Neptune Residential meters in 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch sizes, and consist of a single positive displacement measuring element that translates notations of the element into a visually readable odometer, much like the odometer in an automobile.

The grand total cumulative value of water that has passed through the meter is the value shown on the odometer. Typically, this value is determined over a period of time (a billing period), usually over a month or quarter. To determine the consumption value over a period of time, an initial reading from the register must be obtained at the beginning of the time period.

At the end of the time period, a second reading from the register must be obtained. Subtract the initial reading from the second reading to determine the consumption value from the register over the time period. Make certain your values are consistent (tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.). Refer to the dial information below.

Dial Information
Example: 5/8 inch residential meter registering in gallons.
  • Contains 6 indexing wheels and 1 "fixed" zero, where each complete sweep hand revolution = 10 Gallons
Example Reading
Fixed Zeros
Defined Volume
1,642,250 gallons
Grand Total Consumption
    1,642,250 gallons