State & Federal Requirements for Businesses

Fictitious Name Registration
Registration of a fictitious name may be made with the Missouri Secretary of State:
State Office Building
615 E. 13th St.
Kansas City, Missouri

You may also call 816-889-2925 for more information.

Registering as an Employer
Every business employing people is subject to state withholding taxes for those individuals. To obtain information regarding withholding tax, you may call the Missouri Revenue Department at 816-889-2944. The office is also located in the State Office Building, in Kansas City.

Federal Employer ID Number
Each business employing people is also required to apply for a federal employer identification number. A number may be obtained by calling 512-462-7843 or you may call 800-829-1040 for forms or more information.

Missouri Sales Tax Number
If your business will be involved in direct sales of merchandise to the public, you are required by both state and city laws to have a Missouri Sales Tax Number.

You may obtain an application for your Missouri Sales Tax Number at:
Missouri Office Building
615 E. 13th St.
Room 127
Kansas City, Missouri

You may also call 816-889-2944 for more information.