Uniformed Patrol

The backbone of any police organization is its Patrol Division. This division provides quality law enforcement services to our community 24 hours every day, 365 days per year. 

All of our patrol officers are highly trained and adept in responding to emergencies as well any other calls for service. They are committed to providing the best quality of service to our community.

On Patrol with Blue Springs Police

Below is an interview with Officer Dannie Stewart about daily patrol and how it promotes positive relationships between officers and community members. It was originally shared in the The Blue Springs Magazine.

patrol officer
Each day, officers of the Blue Springs Police Department patrol communities throughout the City with a focus on protecting people and property. Prior to patrol duty, officers partner with a Field Training Officer (FTO)—a police officer who prepares them for solo duty through hands-on training. For our officers, this includes an average of 12-18 weeks of training with three to four weeks with each FTO. The aim is to prepare trainees to act as support for other officers, including those outside of the Blue Springs police force. Field officer duties often range from responding to calls for help to investigating minor crimes but patrol is the officer’s main role during their shifts, giving them the opportunity to develop relationships with residents and business owners. “It takes a partnership,” says Blue Springs Police Officer Dannie Stewart, a member of the force since 2007. “We have to work together to make things better.”

Shifts usually last for ten hours with officers taking on different patrol areas after each shift change. Like any growing community, Blue Springs has some neighborhoods with frequent calls for police assistance and some relatively dormant for disturbance calls. “Patrol is a mixture of everything,” says Officer Stewart. “No call is the same and there is always a different experience.” Because of this, officers address each encounter on a person by person basis and provide proactive policing through programs like Citizen’s Police Academy and National Night Out. Both promote awareness and engagement necessary for community members and the police force to work together.

Patrol is a primary part of an officer’s daily duty and a major aspect of the Blue Springs Police Department’s overall aim to promote a safe environment through police and community interaction. “You get some people who thank you for coming out and taking care of their neighborhood issues,” says Officer Stewart. “If you do it with respect, there is a good reward in this profession.”