Places Where Smoking is Prohibited

Places where smoking is prohibited include:
  • Any area serving as a place of employment
  • Healthcare facilities, including waiting rooms, public hallways, and lobbies
  • City building facilities, places of public assembly in which city business is conducted including hearing rooms, conference rooms, and meeting rooms
  • City parks, playgrounds, fields, and trails.  Smoking is allowed in designated parking lots.
  • All areas of every publicly or privately owned building or enclosed facility used primarily for exhibiting motion pictures, stage dramas, musical recitals, athletic events, or any other performance or event
  • All retail establishments* with one or more indoor service lines such as banks, offices, museums, and gasoline stores
  • All publicly or privately owned restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, short-order cafes, luncheonettes, sandwich shops, and soda fountains open to the public
  • Gymnasiums, libraries, educational institutions, or facilities enclosing indoor swimming pools which are open to the public
*Exemptions to retail establishments explained on Places Where Smoking is Still Allowed page.