Places Where Smoking is Still Allowed

Places where smoking is still allowed include (includes all retail establishments which are exempt under the smoking ordinance):
  • Businesses that are licensed by the city to sell liquor by the drink for consumption and meet one or both of the following:
    • Do not sell any food to their customers that has been prepared on site or by the licensee, or;
    • Have on site one or full-size pool or billiard table(s) and/or regulation bowling alley(s) that are operational and are used by the patron(s) for recreation and/or competition.  
  • Private residences, except when used for child care, adult care, or healthcare facility
  • Private clubs
  • Outside eating area(s) at any restaurant
  • Limousines for hire and taxicabs, where the driver and all passengers affirmatively consent to smoking in such vehicle
  • Performances on the stage, provided smoking is a required part of theatrical production
  • Any property owned or leased by a state or federal governmental agency
  • Hotel and motel rooms that are rented to guests and are designated as smoking rooms; provided, however, that not more than 20% of rooms rented to guests may be designated as smoking rooms
  • Private and semi-private rooms in nursing homes and long-term care facilities occupied by one or more persons, all of whom are smokers and have requested to the management thereof to be placed in a room where smoking is permitted
  • Outdoor areas of place of employment
  • Retail tobacco stores where more than 50% of business is that of blending or sale of tobaccos, pipes, or cigars