Strategic Plan

The 1st strategic planning session was conducted in March of 2001. The mission and goals that continue to direct the public art program were identified. Suggested strategies and action steps provided guidance for the initial years work and impetus for several public art projects.

In 2004, the strategic plan was reviewed and updated, challenging the Public Art Commission to build on its visionary plan, create a greater presence within the community, and formulate ways to market the program.

Plan Implementation
In 2010 with the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Public Art Commission approaching, it was decided to implement a targeted strategic planning process that would review accomplishments, review the status of the program, identify specific goals and objectives for carrying out the mission, and to address the need for new initiatives so that the public art program would be seen as integral to a community concerned with creating and maintaining a qualify life environment.

Additional Information
For more information, check out the 2010 Strategic Planning Update (PDF) to the Strategic Plan for the Public Art Commission.
Strategic Planning Update - 2010