What is the County's 3% sales tax?

The County is also asking for an additional 3% sales tax to be added on the sale of recreational marijuana. Originally, the Missouri Department of Revenue clarified a rule saying the County could not 'stack' its 3% sales tax on top of the City's 3% sales tax. They further clarified saying that a County sales tax would only apply on those sales outside City limits.

Since then, several counties in Missouri have filed a lawsuit in court hoping they will be allowed to stack their 3% on all sales in the County and not just those from dispensaries outside City limits. It is unclear how the courts will rule at this time.

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1. Why are we voting on this?
2. Who pays the 3% sales tax?
3. How much does the City anticipate this will raise?
4. What will the additional funds be used for?
5. What is the County's 3% sales tax?
6. What is the General Fund?