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  1. Anniversary Proclamation
  2. Blue Springs Watch Registration Form

    Thank you for voluntarily registering with Blue Springs Watch. Your support of this program will greatly help the Blue Springs Police... More…

  3. Citizens Police Academy Information Request

    Please fill out this form if you would like more information about the Citizens Police academy.

  4. Friends of Blue Springs Park

    Become a Friend of Blue Springs Parks & Recreation to receive info on the latest events and activities, connect to other park lovers in... More…

  5. Life Sports Participant Application

    Application for Life Sports does not guarantee attendance in the program.

  6. Retirement Proclamation
  1. Birthday Proclamation
  2. Boards and Commissions Application

    Thank you for your interest in serving on of the City of Blue Springs boards and commissions. Volunteers like you are essential to... More…

  3. Eagle Scout Proclamation
  4. General Proclamation
  5. Public Records Request

    This is a request for records under the Missouri Sunshine Law, Chapter 610 Revised Statutes of Missouri

  6. Speaker Appearance Form

    Anyone wishing to address the Mayor and Council, or Planning Commission either in a Public Hearing or in the Visitors Section of the... More…


  1. Ball Field Rental Sign Up Sheet

    Ball Field Price: $25 per hour Lights Fee: $10 per hour

  2. Blue Surf Bay Employment Interest

    What happens when you mix water, sun and money? The most fun summer job you will ever have. Join our team at the new Blue Surf Bay... More…

  3. Personal Training Interest Form
  4. Volunteer Form
  1. Birthday Party Rental Request Form
  2. Fieldhouse Membership Cancellation Request
  3. Sports Performance Interest Form


  1. Private Property Accident Report
  2. Take Me Home

    Take Me Home is a voluntary registration program for those who may not be able to communicatr effectively with Blue Springs Police... More…

  1. Rental Property Registration

    Rental Property Registration (Crime Free)

  2. VIPS Volunteer Hours Form

    This form is for VIPS to fill out to report their volunteer hours