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Fieldhouse Membership Cancellation Request

  1. Cancellation Policy

    30-day notice is required prior to the next billing cycle. (1st of each month) Notices submitted in less than 30-days prior to the next billing cycle will be automatically billed on the following 1st as scheduled and cancelled the next month's billing date.

  2. What is the membership type being cancelled?*

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  3. If a member re-joins after 30-days or more, they may be subject to the $25 set-up fee.
  4. What is your reason for cancellation?*
  5. Electronic Signature*

    By checking, I understand that my written notice to cancel may have fallen under the 30-day requirement and I may be charged for another month before the auto-debit payments cease.

    The date of submission of this form will be considered the date of cancellation notice.

  6. This form is a request for cancellation of membership. You will receive confirmation from management via email within 3-5 business days.
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